True Emoji

Inventing a whole new form of communication by putting expressions and emojis together, way before Apple did it.

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As we noticed the lack of human connect in Technology we felt that the problem needed a solution.

People in their daily lives has stopped looking up and smiled through Emojis.



We ran a quantitive research that proved our initial assumption that people had stated feeling distant because of the constant influx of technology in their lives. We further conducted observational research on about 1500 subjects to validate our assumption.

Once the assumption was validated, we brainstormed and zeroed in on several Ideas, out of which the idea of associating Emojis with once expression stuck most with our test users.

Mind Map

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We designed a mechanic to interact with characters/ emojis on screen. The characters could mimic your expression and that made it fun. The interface of the app was a striking Yellow and contained 15 characters from the Cool Coconut to the Cute Heart.

The App was very positively received. It won a Google award as well as Apple decided to copy the app and create it own version in 2017, called Animoji on iPhone 10.

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