TCA Management

The app that lets prepare for your MBA with easy to learn question and answers .

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    IOS and android



TCA is an educational institute that prepares students for upcoming MBA , CAT or others of the category . When the Client approached us mentioning that our main focus should be the ease of the students . Our team did quantitive research and found the appropriate solutions to the issues .



Our team brainstormed over several ideas and took into consideration student reviews . Once our assumptions were validated by the mother company we narrowed down all the ideas into a compact user friendly application .


TCA Management Wire Frame Design



When it comes to designing an app for Management students , we came up with a very informative architecture . This allows students to gather more information from the current page . The background colours were kept in blue tones which would not stress the user’s eyes . Unnecessary steps were avoided thus making it precise and compact . Also in the questions page the user is supposed to swipe right to get the answers . The colour fills the question which gives the user a sense of achievement .

TCA Management App Screen Design

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