Inventing a new form of commerce, called educational commerce.

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Sukhani Stamp is India’s largest philatelist. They have a collection of the rarest of stamps to the very latest. However the art of stamp collection is a dying one. Our target audience were youngsters in urban areas.



We had several meetings with stakeholders. We understood that there would have to have educate the customer before turning him to a buyer and finally a collector. Based on our findings we proposed the design.

Mind Map

Sukhani Mind Map Design


Sukhani Wire Frame Design



We proposed a 14 day an-email-a-day course that users could sign up for and as they went along the course, compel them to make a purchase of a collection of stamp. Further we identified hobbyist stamps would not be economical to sell at a single piece level. Thus we introduced the concept of branded collections. This would make it viable for both Sukhani as well as well as give a sense pride to buyers to collect.

We designed the website on a white base, with highlights on Call to Actions. It provided a quick overview of what they would get in the 14 day lesson as well as the stamps that were being offered.

Sukhani received positive response and gained many new customers and the online move has turned out to give them a lot of traction.

Sukhani Web Design

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