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Pioneer Property is in the business of Real Estate Consultancy and marketing of Residential and Commercial projects. They have a large database of customer interests gathered over 33 years.

The client approached us to define new workflows and smarter utilization of data so that they can serve their clients better.



In order to provide the best possible experience to the real estate buyers, it was important that the Webbies team had a clear understanding of the current user groups and potential target audience the website/app was going to serve. We began with research, we had multiple sessions with the Pioneer team, stakeholders, and the key decision makers to gain a better understanding on reality, the vision of the company and goals of the website we were to design.

With our findings, we proposed that we introduce **Pio-Score**, a scoring/ recommendation engine that rates every property based on a person’s lifestyle!

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At every Point we ensured that the design was clean yet looked premium and inviting, information architecture and basic design principles like unity, layering information, color scheming were all followed well.

The Pio- score, rated properties and removed the clutter from decision making and helped users get to their properties quicker.

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Client Testimonial

When we took Webbies, on board, we expected them to deliver. 6 months later, they dint only deliver a fantastic website and a beautiful app but a whole new way to buying real estate online.We believe that the innovation is so powerful that we decided it needed protection and thus we are patenting it.

Jitendra Khaitan

CEO - Pioneer Properties

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