Papa CJ

Designing a website for India’s number one comedian and doing justice to his brand.

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Papa CJ is in the happiness business. He wanted us to design a website for multi targeted audience. He stated that his engagement is with 3 kinds of audiences:

1. Fans

2. Agencies

3. Clients



To understand the approach to communication, we had several telephonic and physical meetings with him and his team. We concluded that we should build a

1. VIP members area for exclusive content for his fans.

2. A clients page with testimonial, past work, his offerings.

3. An agency page with Testimonials, past work, His high res images that agencies may need to use, among others.

Mind Map

Papa CJ Mind Map Design


Papa CJ Wire Frame Design



We suggested a tiled website, that each tile or block representing a different communication. We ensured that there was good cross linking on the website, so that just in case a kind of audience landed up on the wrong page, they could be redirected to the right one.

We intentionally chose dark colours for the website to go along well with the various dark stage photos that he had. Additionally his audience had associated him more on a dark background stage, that went well with the perception.

The typeface was funky to go along with the theme of comedy.

Papa CJ Web Design

Style Guide

Papa Cj Style Guide Design

Client Testimonial

The Webbies team helped me envisage and createmy website. I was on the receiving end of high quality work,articulate and prompt communication, swift execution and anextremely professional outlook. I cannot recommend him and histeam highly enough.

Papa CJ

Stand-Up Comedian

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