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Transforming the digital storytelling of a well known brand in Europe. Also adding a touch of art to it!

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Orion Bites manufactures and sells oriental, ready to eat food all across Europe. They are a well known brand in the business to business market.

The client approached us stating two major things that they have only 3 hot selling SKUs in a list of over 60 SKUs. They told us awareness was a problem and that their digital presence was weak.



We began with research on the product and its digital presence, we had multiple sessions with the OB team to better understand their products, the vision of the company and goals of the website we were to design.

With our findings, we proposed that we establish stronger trust for the brand online and focus on letting customers and potential customers know of its full range of products.

Mind Map

Orien Bites Mind Map Design


Orien Bites Wire Frame Design



We designed a hand made oriental cloud that looked artistic at the same time reminiscent of the Oriental nations. We established the brand colors in Orange, yet used it subtly so that it did not become overpowering and looked modern. White was used to balance out the colors

The fonts selected were corporate and looked clean and gave it a sense of trust. We followed rules of Unity, Hierarchy and progressive disclosure to establish a scalable website

Orien Bites Web Design

Style Guide

Orien Bites Style Guide Design

Client Testimonial

We at OrienBites, member of Food Empire Holdings. are satisfied with the flexibility and demanding nature that Food Empire requires from Webbies. Webbies has always been resilient and flexible to the requirements of Food Empire. Even the latest technology adaptations such as AMP for site was no hindrance for him. The design process and quality of the user experience was very useful and we are very satisfied with the design of the hero area with the orange cloud. Finally, the contact Mr. Sumesh was always pleasant and professional.


Digital head - OrienBites

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