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Manipura Packeging Design

Step 01

Creating Artwork

Our team of designers ,when approached with the idea of creating packages for a company that deals in Ayurvedic essential oils . So we tried doing something innovative and attractive . We designed and created high quality graphical artworks. The images thus produced gave the entire package a fresh and crisp outlook .

Manipura Packeging Design

Step 02

Front package design

Keeping the purity of essential oils in mind our designers did well to reflect them on the packs . The colours chosen were kept in pure white tones ,the product being highlighted very well. The fonts chosen were simple and mono line to achieve an excellent clarity . Thus enhancing the design

Manipura Packeging Design

Step 03

Back package design

Back package design The back package design contains the uses of the oils and are supported by quirky icons we designed. Essential oils work as anti-depressant, to relieve indigestion,treat insomnia , relieve anxiety and produce wonderful smelling ambience . Our designers painstakingly designed icons for the specific uses . We added QR codes to scan the product online as well .

Manipura Packeging Design

Step 04

Cross selling package design

One more thing that we added to the design drawing inspiration from the major retail brands is cross selling package . We mentioned the list of other available products in the market . So when the consumer buys a single product he gets knowledge about other available products in the market ,thus promoting business simultaneously .

Our Illustrations

Manipura Packeging Illustration Gallery Design

Final Product

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