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Creating a web design to celebrate the Legacy of a Chief Minister who served for 24 years.

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The Jyoti Basu Foundation is a chartable organization established to carry forward the legacy and communist principles of long standing Chief Minister, Late Jyoti Basu. The target audience for the website were media houses , who could publish and follow up on the doings and workings of the foundations. It was also targeted at followers of the CM who could glance at philanthropy that was being carried out to honor his legacy.



In order to provide a good experience it was important to understand the vision of the foundation, so we discussed the same with the stakeholders. We further read about the ideals and life of the former CM. This gave us a clearer understanding of the voice we were representing

Mind Map

Jyoti Basu Mind Map Design


Jyoti Basu Wire Frame Design



Based on all our findings and understandings we concluded that the home page should establish the nature of the foundation, while giving a sneak peak of all other sections on the website. We selected a toned down version of red (representing his party flag) perfectly complemented with a cream as the base colors for the website. Take a look here.

Jyoti Basu Web Design

Style Guide

Jyoti Basu Style Guide Design

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