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Jindal Intellicom is in the business of IT based services. And despite being in a competing business with us, they approached us for our expertise in interactive design. They expected us to do full justice to there software engineering skills and their well known brand. The following were the objectives set: Improve traffic and recall of website. Target Group Business to Business audience.



Since our business is similar to Jindal’s, its was very important for us to ulearn our processes and methodology and thereafter understand and imbibe there processes’. We did this so that we code best represent who they are though the website.

Mind Map

Jindal Intellicom Mind Map Design


Jindal Intellicom Wire Frame Design



We picked a style of design that would delight customers, we applied a horizontal scroll instead of a vertical one. We additionally used large, well rounded fonts that explained the verticals of their businesses directly. The scroll created A scene of mystery as well as represented Jindal as a Company that could bring complex technologies along with fun and delightful experiences. The website further ensured a good cross page linking method, where users and traffic had pages to explore and see. The impact was that they had better brand visibility on the internet and was appreciated. It helped them in doing more business in the following quarters.

Jindal Intellicom Web Design

Style Guide

Jindal Intellicom Style Guide Design

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