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Making information more accessible on dashboard that tracks assets and its movement in real time.

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    Oil and Natural Gas

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IQ scan is in the business of managing and tracking Real Time assets of large scale Oil companies. These companies have assets spread across several locations, IQ scan helps managers and stakeholders take informed decisions through real time asset tracking.

The target audience for the dashboard were company stakeholders of large oil and gas companies.



In order for the dashboard to be served appropriately it was important for our team to understand the purpose and usability of the IQ Scan Dashboard and how it helped mangers/stakeholders take effective quick decision.

Thing we concluded from our study were that there are 2 kinds of data understanding that users of the dashboard needed.

1. Macro level information: How many assets in all? How many asset in a location? How many types of assets in a region?

2. Micro level information: Where is this particular asset? How to track moment over the assets lifetime?

Mind Map

IQ Scan Mind Map Design


IQ Scan Wire Frame Design



The design of the dashboard was run through several wireframe stages, to ensure that we had the correct data visualization representations and the user experience was easy to discover. We created several new types of data visualization, that would make comprehension easier.

Once we concluded on the same, the colours were selected based on IQ Scan’s identity. Additionally the fonts selected were crisp and easy to read, look at the design hereunder.

IQ Scan Web Dashboard Design

Client Testimonial

We are really happy and satisfied with the dashboard that was designed and developed by Webbies. The data visualization and the applied thinking is what made the experience a joy to go through.

Boisy Petre

Founder & Chief Technology Officer - IQ Scan Technology

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