Purity you can trust is the brand’s motto. Serving India safe and pure drinking water since 1993,Bailey is a prime water packaging and supply chain .

  • Industry

    Water Packaging

  • Platform

    IOS and android



Bailey is the icon of purity and is India’s No.1 choice . It caters to myriad consumers with a wide range of products to choose from . The client was rest assured that it was not an e-commerce website but providing the consumer with the basic amenity for daily life . The thoughts are very well reflected in our designs .



Our team began research on the various products available . There were various sessions with the client to have a better understanding of the sales and the vision the company . Since the product is not a one time buy kind, so the users would have to subscribe to product and renew them after their resources are exhausted. Also the various size options means that the product would be available for multiple purposes like parties , events , weddings,hotels etc. All this was taken care of when designing the UI.


Bailey Wire Frame Design



While designing we made use of a clear background with bubbles in them to keep the purity of the product . The colours selected were neutral and soothing for the user . The website offers a vertical swipe . The product is well highlighted and simultaneously the quantity and subscriptions are mentioned in the same page giving the user a hassle free experience.

Bailey App Screen Design

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