Creating a funeral service website that consoled and empathized with the situation.

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Anthyesti is one of Indias most promising startup that is in the business of providing funeral related services like hearsevans and priests for the deceased.

Their target audience were relative of the just deceased, who were grieving.



When we started out researching on the product, the team had apprehension with the product, themself. However, as we delved deeper into the use cases and the raving reviews and the emotional statement their customer were giving the service, we changed our minds.

We understood, that we had to handle the sensitive situation of the customer with utmost care. We needed to console them and then offer the service.

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We chose to not use use direct images of death on the entire website, instead used referential images, like candles and incense. Further we used iconic graphics to represent the services. The content o the website to was advised to be sensitive than direct.

The audience of the website was mostly Hindus and Hindu post death rituals are signified by white, thus we transitioned it to lighter theme, understanding and associating with the audience.

We further established credentials that would compel users to trust and avail the service for the ease of use.

The website was able to reach out to a larger audience, drawing more revenues and happy client engagement. The total engagement of the website increased by manifolds too.

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