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360 Racing gave FORMULA-A fans, a chance to experience racing videos in 360 degrees. We build a website that enabled you to enjoy the same. Click and Hold and Move your mouse/trackpad and see any of the 360 that the website offers.

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360 Racing is in the business of providing cutting edge 360 videos of motor sport racing of Formula E championships. The client approached us to design the website so that viewers of the website could be updated about current motor sporting news. Additionally it could also capture potential customers by informing them about the technology and its feature and getting them to enquire, subscribe or contact.



In order to provide the best possible interface to visitors, it was important for us to understand the sport, 360 cameras and the technology that they offer. So the team, read about the sports, watched multiple hours of sporting videos, understood it's target audience, to define their likes and wants better. 360 videos was very new at the time, this is way before Facebook introduced 360 videos to it's platform. So knew integrating 360 videos to the website would be a challenge. We even went on to consume 360 videos on a Google Cardboard Once the challenges are understood we moved on to designing it.

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360 Racing Mind Map Design


360 Racing Wire Frame Design



In the design stage we kept a clean classy interface, That communicated to its audience, we even added few JavaScript animation to delight the user. The design was unlike the previous version, it had thoroughly implemented design guidelines and consistent typefaces. The new designed website lead to a higher volume of traffic.

360 Racing Web Design

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